SolarGIS pvPlanner allows you to include your company logo in the header and your contact information in the last section of the PDF report. This is useful for improving the visibility of your company or a project, when sharing the pvPlanner reports with your customers.

    To upload your logo:
  • visit your account (when signed in, find link account in the upper right corner)
  • click and upload/update the image
  • Accepted file formats: PNG and JPEG
  • Max file-size: 500 kB (0.5 MB)
  • Reserved area is 25x20 mm, therefore recommended dimmensions of the image are max-width=295 pixels, max-height=236 pixels. Larger images can be uploaded, but they are rescaled to these boundary sizes.
  • In case of any problems feel free to contact us.

Example of PV report with the customer logo (top-right corner). Click to preview whole report.

Example of PV report with the customer logo